The Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy hereby announces that the Plan for "Tax incentives for individuals and legal entities investing in innovative businesses" has been renewed until 31.12.2026.

Applications should be submitted via email in the following address: innovative.companies@dmrid.gov.cy.

It is noted that the certificate is issued as a support tool for the use of tax incentives for legal and natural persons investing in innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), either directly or through an investment fund or through an alternative trading platform, in the context of the extension of the legislation amending the Income Tax Law until 31.12.2026.

For more information, please contact Ms. Elena Poulli at 22691921.

All relevant documents (Practical Guide, Application Form and Annexes) in Greek and English can be found below.

Applications can be submitted through the Ignite platform.

Practical Guide
Annex 1 – Application Form
Annex 2 – Certificate from External Auditor
Annex 3 – Guidelines for drafting a Business Plan
Annex 4 – Business Plan Evaluation Criteria