Climate Change and Sustainability in the Eastern Mediterranean

Just like in the case of digital, environmental, social and governance (ESG) signifies a disruptive and also challenging wave of transformation. Even before the Covid19 pandemic, the ESG movement was gaining steam globally. Far-reaching challenges, such as climate change and economic and social inclusion concentrated the minds of policymakers and executives on the significance of long-term priorities.

European Innovation Scoreboard 2021

The annual European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) provides a comparative assessment of the research and innovation performance of EU Member States and selected third countries, and the relative strengths and weaknesses of their research and innovation systems. It helps countries assess areas in which they need to concentrate their efforts in order to boost their innovation performance.

Entrepreneurship in Cyprus National Report

Entrepreneurship is a core driver of economic growth and societal prosperity, as it fosters the innovation necessary for exploiting new opportunities, enhancing productivity, increasing employment opportunities and providing more effective solutions.