Department of Information Technology Services (DITS)

The Department of Information Technology Services (DITS) is the department of the Deputy Ministry responsible for matters concerning the promotion and application of Information Technology and e-Government in the Public Sector, as well as Cyprus’ representation in European and other international conferences on IT-related issues. The mission of the department is to plan, develop, implement, manage and maintain the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems which modernize the functioning of the Public Sector, aiming to improve the services offered to the public, increase the productivity and efficiency, decrease the functioning costs, save time and resources.

Department of Electronic Communications (DEC)

The mission of the Department of Electronic Communications (DEC) is the digital transformation of Cyprus with the support and promotion of the ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) and Space Technologies for the provision of high quality and secure electronic services, within affordable prices, resulting in the increase of social and economic welfare and in general the exploitation of the benefits of the new digital age. The Department has responsibilities in Radiocommunications, Electronic Signatures, Information Society and Space issues.

Directorate for Digital Policy and Communications
The Directorate of Digital Policy and Communications is mandated to design and implement strategies and policies aiming at the digital transformation of the state, society and the economy of Cyprus. Through the promotion of the development and use of innovative technologies, the promotion of digital skills, and the optimization of services and internal modus operandi of the government, we aim to build a modern, efficient and transparent country, offering an end-to-end digital experience in interactions between citizens/ businesses and the State.

Directorate for Research and Innovation
The Directorate for Research & Innovation (R&I) focuses on the support and operation of the National Research and Innovation system and on the design, coordination and monitoring of implementation of the National Strategy for Research and Innovation, aiming to promote scientific excellence and innovative entrepreneurship. It is responsible for R&I-related strategy issues at national, European and international level, representing the Republic of Cyprus at relevant bodies and promoting interstate cooperation at bilateral and multilateral level.

Directorate for Cybersecurity
The Directorate for Cybersecurity is responsible for the framing of the national strategy and policy on cybersecurity issues and for the strengthening of cybersecurity structures for protecting and shielding the country's critical infrastructures. The Cybersecurity Directorate represents Cyprus at the European Cybersecurity Committee and participates in the EU advisory committees and in the deliberations on the legislative acts that constitute the European policy. The Directorate’s main responsibility is to guide and monitor the implementation of the cybersecurity programme and the effectiveness of the technical, operational and organisational measures of the Public Sector for the management of cybersecurity risks.